Is There Hidden Money In Your Business?

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Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You make money in your business but it just seems to disappear
  • You have to wait until you file your taxes to know if you are making a profit or not 
  • It worries you that you don’t any backup reserves or a retirement plan like you would have if you worked for someone else 

If so, let’s talk.

Hi Patricia Stallworth here,

I help non-financial business owners and online entrepeneurs go from zero or very little knowledge about managing money in their businesses to comfortably managing it (and/or managing the people they hire to do it for them) so they can build profitable, sustainable businesses and create the life they want to live.

“You can’t manage and improve what you don’t measure.” And, if you don’t know your numbers, how can you expect to make informed decisions to grow your business and build a secure financial future?

The time for shame or guilt around money management has passed. We are talking about your future and the future of your business. Schedule a Strategy Call and let’s discuss your goals and the challenges you are facing. Let’s develop answers or solutions to help you move forward.

About Patricia Stallworth, MBA, CFP®

Patricia Stallworth has 20+ years’ experience in finance and business. She is a former instructor in the Certified Financial Planner™ and the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Programs. And, she is the author of several money books, including Minding Your Money and her latest book, Become a MoneyWise Woman in 6 Simple Steps. She is based in southern, California.

Prior to starting her own firm, she worked in a management or advisory capacity for several firms, including Deloitte & Touche, American Express Financial Advisors, AXA Advisors, and the Small Business Development Center. It’s this combination of experience that enables her to understand the money side of business as well as the delicate balance between business money and personal money.

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